About us

Founded on- May 13th 2020

Registered on- August 14th 2020

Life Forward Foundation is a Mental Health NGO. Our goal at Life Forward is to create a platform for people to come up and speak up about their journeys and their issues without having the constant fear of being judged or not understood. We at Life Forward believe that if our brain is in a better state the whole body seems to work harder and better.

Like Glenn Close once said “What Mental Health needs is more sunlight, more candour, and more unashamed conversation.”

We aim at bringing at least a little understanding about mental health in our country. Life Forward is formed for the sole purpose of making people reach out more and understand more about the aspects of Mental Health. Life isn’t easy for any of us , all our journeys are difficult hence we all need someone to help us and
guide us through it. While we all are fighting our own battles we tend to forget about the biggest battles our body fights every day , our thoughts and mental state.

We at Life Forward want to give that help which is needed, through counselling services and professional help, that will guide us on this journey of life.
While we provide counselling services and professionals you can reach out to, we also tend to keep our supporters engaged in a number online activities
and programs that they can join. We have a nice and loving group of volunteers supporting us and working with us with the same aim of making a difference
even if it’s the smallest one. "Small drops of water, together helps us build a big ocean."

We are here to make a difference. A difference to light up the otherwise dim lives of individuals in the society.
We are here to Give Wings to Your Dreams.

" Mental Health isn't the end.
It's just a pathway that doesn't define you but refines you.
Strength comes from struggles. So remember that, it is not breaking you, it is making you "

-Neha Jasmine Rodrigues


NEHA Jasmine

Having a vision of breaking stereotypes and giving a platform to make talk around mental health easier to approach, is what we at Life Forward want to establish. Seeking your support in making this dream a reality and definitely seeing life move forward through Life Forward. This is a journey, a journey that is just begun and we look forward to make a difference in every way possible.

Diana Anthony

Life Forward is committed to providing quality services for all in regards to mental health through training and education. Creativity is the basis of all our approaches and we believe in making a difference in little ways to protect and promote mental health for all, through healthy lifestyle and exemplary recovery focused approach for the welfare of each individual’s well-being.



The small duration of being part of the group has bought joy and happy vibes. The team makes you feel home.

Astha Narang

Life forward is a safe space for everyone. It’s a welcoming place that helps you deal with mental health problems

Shriya Uppal

Eloquent in its approach to study awareness about mental health, upfront about the views and the opinions about mental health.

Neha Verma

I’ve had a very welcoming experience here at Life Forward. The founders and everyone working here are very dedicated to the cause. They are very helping and supportive of anyone who needs help. I would like to thank Life Forward for contributing to the field of mental health.

Durga Nair

Life Forward Foundation offers you a safe space to express your problems. The foundation will make you and your problems felt valid and will not neglect you at any cost. Everyone at Life Forward is so warm and I’ve had such great experiences with them

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