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The series covers a lot of controversial but important mental health related topics which need to be discussed and understood in a better manner. It focuses on giving people a proper idea of how to break sterotypes and answers questions that most often go unanswered. The webinar catches your mind and your attention because it’s a free series that is conducted by professionally informative people. While the topics you see are difficult, different and very interesting. We have had overwhelming responses in our webinars and will continue to reach out to many more through these events.

Monthly fun events:

While Life Forward aims for a better mental health and understanding for it in our country, we keep our followers engaged by having some fun activities even in these uncertain times.

Having a healthy mind leads to a healthy body! Life Forward presents to you Fun events every month. Amazing and creative ways of challenging your mind while you enjoy it.  We have successfully conducted a Treasure hunt activity online, and we had a very new way of making our participants think out of the box while they move around in their own houses solving puzzles while finding things and making funny memories. We also organised a Dance therapy which was a huge success.
FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS, we have something planned every month, don’t miss it.

ChatGenie - Instagram Live:

ChatGenie a talk show brought to you by Life Forward is a platform created for motivational and inspirational talks shared by different individuals. With that it also aims in providing free information over mental health related topics from professionals who come up on our show and talk to us about ways of dealing with a mental health state and how to help others.

ChatGenie was the first program intiated by Life Forward, while we were able to reach a larger audience, we were also able to break few sterotypes around mental health. ChatGenie gives our audience the assurance that they are not alone and that they can always reach out without being judged. It also informs individuals that there is always a better way to handle things and reaching out isn’t something you should be ashamed of.

Meet our Counsellors


Disha Kadakia

She is a Counselling Psychologist & Autism Interventionist. She is been in this field for over a decade now. Her areas of speciality are- Behaviour modification, concept building through play and parent coaching. She provides individual and group counselling for parents, teenagers and children having social, emotional or behavioural difficulties. She is a part of the Core Team at Enliven Therapy Centre, Mumbai which is founded by Dr. Hemal Parikh. She is also the founder of MentalDots, an initiative to help people in their time of need.​


Meveine Kazia Sousho

Mastered in psychosocial clinical studies and has worked in Meneda NGO as a counsellor for women and children, also works as volunteer counsellor at district psychological support team for COVID 19

Colin Vernon D'Souza

The only and very famous food blogger in India called the 3 Hungry men who later started a company called Cone .fit.
Later because of the loss of his close friend and partner in the company Colin and this other partner started the 3rd Chance which is a suicide prevention platform to help and provide counselling


Aastha Kamra

A counsellor and trainer, after completing her post-graduation in clinical psychology, She is an enthusiastic psychologist certified different therapies such  as NLP, Gestalt, CBT-REBT, life coaching, counselling masterclass and also pursuing diploma in child psychology. She believes in growth and wellbeing of people mentally and is passionate to grow and learn in her career to add value and give a ray of hope to people in need.

Aastha Kamra- Advisor

S. Swetha Lakshmi

Is a child and adolescent psychologist with expertise in therapy management for adolescents and young adults. She would like to contribute to reduce stress and anxiety levels that young adults face in day-to-day life through counselling and stress management techniques.


Swati N

Counselling Psychologist.
Her area of expertise lies in counselling people with relationship, stress, anxiety and self-esteem issues. At the moment she is taking online counselling sessions for youth. She is trained in RECBT. She has conducted IQ tests for children at schools in Pune.


Sridevi Ninan

She is a trained counselor, the thrive for reaching out to people is the main reason for her choice to be a counselor. In this world of hustle bustle everybody needs somebody, sometime, to listen to but people around us hardly have time for this, so as a counselor as people's person, she chose the profession to be there for someone who wants to share their inner self and express what they are going through without being judged.


Swetha Mehta shah

She has experience of about 8 years. She has been associated with several NGO’s. She has worked with Municipality schools, worked for child sexual abuse. She specialises in Life-Skill Workshops, REBT & CBT
She majorly works with children and adolescents.
Currently working in a school in Mumbai

Dr. Rahul Khemani

A consultant psychiatrist. He has a DNB in psychiatry .He is affiliated with Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai.

He has previously worked at L.T.M.G Hospital, Sion, B.Y. L. Nair Hospital, Mumbai Central and Bhakti Vedanta Hospital, Mira Road. 

He works with child, adult and geriatric population. He has a special interest in the area of child mental health, de-addiction and psychotherapy.


Vidhi Desai Parikh

M.A. -counselling psychology
Diploma in dance movement therapy from TISS with Kolkata Sanved.
Has worked with kids on autism spectrum.
Counsellor at lions sports pavilion.
Has been working with helplines
Worked with kids undergoing cancer at Access life


Aakriti Lajpal

Has done Masters in psychology and bachelor of education. She has an experience of counselling school students from age 5 to 18. She worked for a private school situated in Delhi for two years. Her areas of expertise are academic counselling, parental counselling, family counselling, life skills teaching and behaviour modification.



She is a Special educator, Psychologist and a Life skills and Personality development trainer. Her areas of expertise lie in counselling for maintaining healthy relationships, behavioural issues, manage stress at work, academic stress, couple counselling, handling aggression etc.

She is trained and qualified special educator to teach and interact with children who have varieties of disabilities that include learning disabilities, Intellectual disabilities etc.


Ruhi Jain Agarwal

A Counselling psychologist and Parent's Coach from Dehradun. She helps people maintain balance in their life by looking at the bigger picture. She helps people with physical, emotional and mental health issues; improve their sense of well‐being, alleviate feelings of distress and resolve crisis.

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